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Hardcore Fucking

"I love riding a throbbing cock,

but I love it even more when he

bends me over and pounds me."

Video#: E1


Length: 9:02

"I really take my time riding Daddy's cock multiple ways. You can see how my pussy grips his dick when I ride him reverse and bounce up and down. I finally begged him for his cum, so he flips me over on all fours and pounds my pussy hard, until he finally finishes all over my ass to view."

Tags: Fucking, Cock, Pussy, Boobs, Cum

Video#: E2


Length: 8:04

"Daddy really takes his time eating my pussy. He then finger fucks me while eating my pussy causing me to cum in his mouth. I reward him by getting on my knees and sucking his throbbing cock. When he could no longer take it, he bends me over and fucks the shit out of me, finally finishing all over my ass."

Tags: Fucking, Eating, Fingering, Sucking, Cock, Pussy, Cum

Video#: E3


Length: 7:15

"I love starting off great sex with sucking his cock. He then starts finger fucking me on the couch until I was begging for him to fuck me. He fucked me so hard in multiple positions, and I made sure you could see it all. Then I finished him off by sucking his cock again up close, and bouncing on his cock."

Tags: Fucking, Eating, Fingering, Sucking, Pussy, Cock

Video#: E4


Length: 5:29

"He caught me masturbating, so I decided to pleasure me. First he finger fucks me before I am begging that I want his cock. He then bends me over and fucks me so hard I could barely take it! Then I jump on top and bounce on his cock until I squirt all over him, making a mess. I finish him off with a sexy handjob, and taste his cum after. Delicious."

Tags: Fucking, Eating, Squirting, Fingering, Sucking, Cock, Handjob, Pussy, Cum

Video#: E5


Length: 5:02

"Cue the music as he claims me as his on the bed and fucks the shit out of me. He starts by eating my pussy, and finger fucking me while I scream out. Then he thrust inside me and makes me take all of his cock. Now it's my turn to ride him while he's still pounding me underneath. After he bends me over one last time to fuck me, he then finishes all over my face giving me a nice facial."

Tags: Fucking, Eating, Fingering, Sucking, Cock, Boobs, Pussy, Cum, Facial

Video#: E6


Length: 5:09

"I decide to pleasure myself in the bathroom for you to see while I waited for him. He walks in and sees me squirting in my panties and decides to bend me over and fuck me hard. I literally can not take his big cock."

Tags: Masturbating, Boobs, Fucking, Squirting

Video#: E7


Length: 3:44

"I've been such a good girl, he decides to pleasure me. He starts by kissing down my neck, until he makes his way to my pussy lips. He then eats my pussy until my leg shakes. Then he scoots me closer to the camera for a up-close view as he fingers me & spreads my pussy wide open for you."

Tags: Eating, Fingering, Pussy, Boobs

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