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Spouse Fucking

"I love riding a throbbing cock,

but I love it even more when he

bends me over and pounds me."

Video#: E1


Length: 9:02

"I really take my time riding Daddy's cock multiple ways. You can see how my pussy grips his dick when I ride him reverse and bounce up and down. I finally begged him for his cum, so he flips me over on all fours and pounds my pussy hard, until he finally finishes all over my ass to view."

Video#: E2


Length: 8:04

"Daddy really takes his time eating my pussy. He then finger fucks me while eating my pussy causing me to cum in his mouth. I reward him by getting on my knees and sucking his throbbing cock. When he could no longer take it, he bends me over and fucks the shit out of me, finally finishing all over my ass."

Video#: E3


Length: 7:15

"I love starting off great sex with sucking his cock. He then starts finger fucking me on the couch until I was begging for him to fuck me. He fucked me so hard in multiple positions, and I made sure you could see it all. Then I finished him off by sucking his cock again up close, and bouncing on his cock."

Video#: E4


Length: 5:02

"Cue the music as he claims me as his on the bed and fucks the shit out of me. He starts by eating my pussy, and finger fucking me while I scream out. Then he thrust inside me and makes me take all of his cock. Now it's my turn to ride him while he's still pounding me underneath. After he bends me over one last time to fuck me, he then finishes all over my face giving me a nice facial."

Video#: E5


Length: 3:44

"I've been such a good girl, he decides to pleasure me. He starts by kissing down my neck, until he makes his way to my pussy lips. He then eats my pussy until my leg shakes. Then he scoots me closer to the camera for a up-close view as he fingers me & spreads my pussy wide open for you."

Video#: E6


Length: 13:14

He buries his face in my pussy while licking and sucking all over my clit making my legs shake. He then slips his big cock in my pussy and fucks me in multiple positions making me scream out during every orgasm! I return the favor by deep throating his cock several times before sitting on it & cumming one last time.-- I then finish him off with JOI and made him blow his load all over me!

Video#: E7


Length: 11:14

I was so horny I started sucking on his cock giving him no choice but to sit there and feel my tongue and mouth all over it for a while. -- Then after he had a turn finger fucking and eating my pussy, he fucks me so hard and smacks my ass turning it bright red; before I got on his cock and rode him so hard I squirted all over him! He then finishes us both off by fucking me over the chair while I talk extra dirty, and then cumming all over my ass up-close for you to see

Video#: E8


Length: 12:16

I tried something new for the first time!! I gave a foot job! -- And he absolutely LOVED it.

I made sure his cock was throbbing after stroking it with my feet before I put it in my mouth and sucked up and down. I then fucked him reverse cowgirl while bouncing up and down on my toes.. and then I finally finished him off with my hands. -- BUT, I wasn't done yet... After I made him cum, I continued to stroke his now super sensitive cock while watching him squirm and moan. Video#: E13


Length: 15:20 .Make sure your phone volume is turned down for this one... because he fucks me SO DEEP and SO HARD, I literally could not stop screaming and cumming all over his cock!

He had my legs trembling from using his mouth and cock to fuck me... but then it was my turn.. & let's just say I fucked and sucked his cock so good while talking extra dirty... that I put him to bed as soon as I made him finish. 🙊

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