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Swinger Orgies

"Couple swapping is fun, but have you ever seen a full swinger orgy before?"

Video#: F1


Length: 21:01

"Ever wonder what it would be like to have a massage with a happy ending? Well, that's what the Swinger Society Crew does to each other. We start out by massaging the girls naked, with multiple hands all over each girl's body with a few fingers slipping into their pussies. Then it's the guys' turn as they get massages, and their cocks sucked by the girls. I got so turned on watching the girls suck my husbands dick I decided to jump on top of him and ride him. It then turned into an orgy as other guys got a turn having their dicks rode by the girls. It's a happy ending for us all.

Tags: Fucking, Swinging, Massages, Sucking, Fingering, Pussy, Boobs, Cocks, Orgy

Video#: F2


Length: 16:37

"After our night at the Vibe Hotel Takeover Party, The Swinger Society Crew decides to take it back to the Air BNB where we then create an orgy. There is so much fucking, sucking, Couple Swapping, and Meleah even gets all 3 of her holes plugged with cocks!"

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Fingering, Eating, Swinging, Pussy, Boobs, Cocks, Orgy, DP

Video#: F3


Length: 12:05

"Our first time at Secrets with the Swinger Society Crew, and we had an orgy in the room for everyone outside to watch. There are girls fucking girls, girls getting bent over and their holes fucked with cocks, guys getting their cocks sucked, and my husband even made a girl squirt everywhere! SO HOT!"

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Eating, Swinging, Pussies, Boobs, Cocks, Orgy, Squirting

Video#: F4


Length: 13:21

" I watch my husband fuck DJBama3x while her husband watches. Then two more guys came to join in and fuck her while she sucks my husband's cock. She took so much cock and ended up squirting all over the guys and even the wall! I couldn't stop rubbing my pussy watching this all happen."

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Swinging, Pussy Boobs, Cocks, Orgy, Squirting

Video#: F6


Length: 18:36

"The Nashville 2.0 bundle everyone is looking for. Watch us 3 couples which includes one of our favorites Life_of_spice and her husband participate in a swinger orgy."

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Eating, Pussy, Boobs, Orgy, Swinging

Video#: F7


Length: 21:12

"Watch all of us have an amazing WET time full of sucking, rubbing, and fucking! From swapping spouses, a little girl on girl action, 2 girls with 1 cock, DP … and I even did air tight with multiple cocks in my face!!!! This was such an amazing time!."

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Eating, Pussy, Boobs, Orgy, Swinging

Video#: F8


Length: 21:01

"This was one HELL of an orgy! We all got fucked so good, you can barely hear the music over the pounding and moaning! The husband’s really dominated and pounded all the wives, and not to mention how much the three of us girls squirted multiple times, which was all caught on camera! "

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Eating, Pussy, Boobs, Orgy, Swinging, Squirting

Video#: F9


Length: 30:02

"Watch us ALL fuck, suck, and squirt during this 3 couple orgy for over 30 minutes straight. This is by far one of my favorite orgy videos yet!

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Eating, Pussy, Boobs, Orgy, Swinging, Squirting

Video#: F10


Length: 10:01

"Life_of_spice gets to act out her fantasy of getting fucked, and having 5 cocks in her mouth! She is such a champ and so freaking sexy doing this. It made me so wet watching her please my husband, before he fucked her.

Tags: Fucking, Sucking, Pussy, Boobs, Orgy, Swinging

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