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Pussy Play

"Want to watch me make myself cum solo? Better yet... cum with me?"

Video#: B1


Length: 5:04

"I fuck my tight pussy with my vibrator, showing you all the views and even fucking myself with my legs behind my head. I love licking my vibrator after, my cum taste so good, Then I rub my clit so hard, I squirted and made a mess all over my bed!"

Video#: B2


Length: 4:19

"I rub all over my clit and fuck my pussy so good with my dildo. You can hear how wet and juicy my pussy is from how close the camera is. Then I ride my dildo hard while imagining it's your cock."

Video#: B3


Length: 4:45

"I love slowly taking my clothes off for you, especially to this music. It's putting me in the mood to be fucked. Now I'm finger fucking my pussy, imagining it's your fingers inside me."

Video#: B4


Length: 4:34

"I'm alone in the RV which means one thing.... I'm going to masturbate for you. Watch me slowly take my panties off while pulling my big tits out for you, and rub all over my ass showing my body off. Then I spread my legs open and finger fuck myself until I orgasm.

Video#: B5


Length: 5:02

"Watch me put it inside my new liberator sex pillow while I ride it hard. You can really see my pussy gripping Oscar as I show you multiple riding angles. Then when I was done riding, I pull the camera in even closer so you can watch me fuck my tight pussy with it, before I lick off all of my cum."

Video#: B6


Length: 7:03

"I'm all alone, and horny. So I'm fucking myself with my dildo. I love pushing it deep inside me until I cum. I'm sucking the cum off pretending it's your cock. I push it back inside me one more time for a big orgasm before giving you a fully naked strip tease. Will you cum with me baby?"

Video#: B7


Length: 8:19

"I was so horny I literally could not wait! So I decided to be such a naughty dirty girl, and fuck my pussy with this big dildo. My cum tasted so good as I was sucking it off. Am I a bad girl baby??? Should I keep being naughty like this? ;)"

Video#: B8


Length: 4:44

"I needed to cum so bad... so I rub all over my pussy and clit in the best up close view... until I squirt multiple times creating a soaking wet mess all over me!! --- & did I mention I made myself squirt all over someone's kitchen table??.... Oops!!! ;)"

Video#: B9


Length: 3:05

"what better way to end a great trip, than a quick masturbation session with a beautiful view. I honestly don’t know what’s better… the mountains in the back.. or my dildo dripping wet from my cum. You tell me..."

Video#: B10


Length: 6:50

"I have my big gold dildo, and I am imagining that it is your cock in my mouth as I shove it down my throat. Then I put it inside my sex pillow before slipping it inside my tight wet pussy and ride it from every angle.. making sure you get the best view so you can see how hard I suck & fuck. I love licking my cum off after, I taste so good.. but I bet you taste even better. ;)

Video#: B11


Length: 9:23

I did a sexy photoshoot, and it turned into me fucking my pussy with my favorite toys. I start by doing a strip tease, while slowly showing you my favorite positions and all the sexiest parts of my body. --- Then I take turns on my clit with my vibrator and fingers, spreading my pussy wide as I make myself orgasm. But.... I still have more cum!! So I spread my pussy for you again and shove my huge dildo deep inside hard & slow, making my legs quiver."

Video#: B12


Length: 7:00

"I imagined it was your big cock as I sucked and rubbed all over it, before putting it in my tight pussy. Do you like how hard it made my ass jiggle while it fucked me from behind? What about how hard It made me moan until I squirt all over my bed...

Video#: B13


Length: 5:28

I want to make you cum with my jerk off instructions,

while you imagine I am stroking your cock, and licking your precum off the tip! -- BUT remember you aren't allowed to cum until I say so! --- Are you going to behave and listen to me!?

Video#: B14


Length: 3:39

I got so horny at this swingers event before it even started! I needed to cum so badly I went to my room and fucked my pussy with this big dildo making sure to give you the best view. I orgasmed so hard I needed to taste it myself afterwards.

 Video#: B15


Length: 4:42

Did you know that I’m actually super flexible and can basically be folded into a pretzel! 🥨 Well when hubby is away Mommy needs to play, watch me fold myself up as I take a giant 24” dildo deep into my holes until i make a giant mess 💦 of myself! Was I your good girl?


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