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Couple Swapping

"I love getting to fuck someone else's

husband, or watching my husband

dominate someone's wife."

Video#: D1


Length: 25:01

"Another one of our favorite couples to swap with. Ash ate my pussy so good, while the husbands watched. Then two of them joined in to share my pussy. We then took turns fucking each-others husbands, and sharing cocks until we both ended on top of my husband giving him a pleasurable ride. We finished by getting bent over the beds and fucked hard by our husbands."

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Video#: D2


Length: 13:57

"What an amazing couple swap with one of our favorite swinger couples Daddy Mike and Daphne Love. First we share my husband's cock by sucking his dick together. Then I watch him fuck Daphne like the bad little girl she is, and it turned me on so much I had to touch myself while I watched. I ended up squirting right next to them. Then we both got on top of my husband and made out while I fucked him and he ate her pussy. And for the finisher after I got fucked, Daddy Mike fucked Daphne while she sucked my husband's dick and finished on her ass."

Video#: D3


Length: 11:05

"We make the husbands sit with their hands tied and watch us, as we made out, rubbed and licked all over each-others pussies. They could look, but they couldn't touch. They get so hot and riled up, they ended up breaking their hand ties and pounced to devour us. From there we get fucked, swap husbands, suck two cocks at once, and even get pounded together side by side!"

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Video#: D4 *NEW*


Length: 7:18

"@southernpuddles did MMF with her husband and my husband! This was SO hot to watch. She sucks their cocks, gets fucked while my husband face fucks her, and then they finish her off making her leave a huge squirt puddle on the bed!"

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Video#: D5 *NEW*


Length: 7:09

"My husband helped give @daphnelove1974 DVP, and I got to watch it all! She could barely take it all! And when my husband was done with her, he fucked me over the bed making me cum at the same time she makes her husband cum!"

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Video#: D6 *NEW*


Length: 7:08

"What an amazing & sexy time this was!!! Watch us not only swap husbands, but get fucked so hard by them!!"

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Video#: D7 NEW*


Length: 8:08

"She got her pussy ate out and sucked all over my husbands cock, until I joined in and we tag teamed his cock. Once she was done riding my husband and cumming, he fucks me on the end of the bed making me squirt!!"

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