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3Sums, Swapping & More

"I love getting fucked by their Husbands & wives!"

Video#: D1


Length: 13:57

"What an amazing couple swap with one of our favorite swinger couples Daddy Mike and Daphne Love. First we share my husband's cock by sucking his dick together. Then I watch him fuck Daphne like the bad little girl she is, and it turned me on so much I had to touch myself while I watched. I ended up squirting right next to them. Then we both got on top of my husband and made out while I fucked him and he ate her pussy. And for the finisher after I got fucked, Daddy Mike fucked Daphne while she sucked my husband's dick and finished on her ass."

Video#: D2


Length: 11:01

"We make the husbands sit with their hands tied and watch us, as we made out, rubbed and licked all over each-others pussies. They could look, but they couldn't touch. They get so hot and riled up, they ended up breaking their hand ties and pounced to devour us. From there we get fucked, swap husbands, suck two cocks at once, and even get pounded together side by side!"

Video#: D3


Length: 7:09

"What an amazing & sexy time this was!!! Watch us not only swap husbands, but get fucked so hard by them!!"

Video#: D4


Length: 8:09

"She got her pussy ate out and sucked all over my husbands cock, until I joined in and we tag teamed his cock. Once she was done riding my husband and cumming, he fucks me on the end of the bed making me squirt!!"

Video#: D5


Length: 7:21

"I got fucked by two juicy cocks! Watch how much fun I have sucking them back and forth, before they take turns pounding my tight pussy! I could barely take it.."

Video#: D6


Length: 4:39

"I got to be the star of the show in a threesome and got two cocks in my mouth at once! It was so hot having her husbands cock in my mouth, while my husband fucked me.... that I accidentally squirted!"

Video#: D7


Length: 10:13

"I loved couple swapping with @nc_hot_wife ! We start off sucking each other's husband's cocks, before ending up in a threesome with two husbands fucking each of us. Then my husband lays us down and plays with us both at the same time. We even suck the same cock before we ended up in a 4-way to finish off. I even squirted a little bit getting fucked, because this was too hot not to!"

Video#: D8


Length: 15:00

"We finally got our hands back on @life_of_spice & her sexy hubby while in Dallas, Texas! We start off with a behind the scenes vlog style from their perspective and have a fun time taking sexy pictures, showing you how we lead into couple swapping.

 Then we all join in the bed where our sexy husbands' swap wives by going down on us. The husbands' then get both of their hands on @life_of_spice , and it was so hot watching, I climbed on top and rode her face while having her husband's cock shoved in my mouth. The playing and fucking was so good that we even got to feel like true cowgirls riding their cocks side by side! We love Texas ;)"

Video#: D9


Length: 20:07

"Sucking their juicy cocks, having our pussies ate until we could barely take it, and then being pounded from behind. My pussy wouldn't stop throbbing for more!! We even got bold and both tried DVP !!! .. then we both laid our husbands down and rode them until we had more orgasms. Let's swap husbands again soon @nc_hot_wife !"

Video#: D10


Length: 15:46

"Couple swapping like you've never seen before. Uncut, Unedited, and super WET! Watch our husbands eat and finger fuck us from behind, before slipping their cocks inside to fuck us both. Both their cocks tasted so good too!! I can't wait to do it again!

Video#: D11


Length: 9:35

Couple Swapping at Secrets! -- We loved double teaming each other! @daphnelove1974 & her husband team up eating my pussy from behind, then its my turn to eat her out while she sucks her husband's cock and my husband fucks me from behind. So much wet fun in between, and we even fuck in a mirror at the same time, what a view!! but my favorite was my husband making me cum while he had his cock & her husbands cock in her tight little pussy giving her DP!!

Video#: D12


Length: 8:01

I got the honor of being pleasured by these three sexy husbands! -- All three of them took turns pleasuring and fucking me, until I was screaming and moaning so loud! I got so turned on with all of their hands, mouths and cocks on and in my body... and I still cannot walk straight after getting fucked hard by my husband while deep throating NC_hot_wife husband's cock!

Video#: D13


Length: 20:03

@thatswingerkk got to play unicorn for us, as my husband and I fucked her. It was so hot watching her suck my husbands cock, that I decided to join in. I loved pleasing him while watching him please her. My favorite part was him taking turns fucking us both while we buried our faces in each others pussies, before I made myself squirt watching him finish inside her.

Video#: D14


Length: 9:26

My husband and I LOVED getting our hands on @michelleboss during this swinger threesome. I loved watching her suck and fuck his cock so much, that I kept helping him tag team her pussy. Riding her face also felt amazing, but my favorite was making myself cum multiple times while watching him pound her pussy next to me!

Video#: D15


Length: 15:07

The video you have all been waiting for! I got my FIRST Bull experience with @valentinofree and his BBC! -- Watch as he takes full control of pleasuring me, picking me up and fucking me so hard in so many positions that I couldn't do anything but orgasm and thank him! My husband REALLY enjoyed the show watching another man have his way with me. I am still wet just thinking about it!

Video#: D16


Length: 12:24

My husband got his very first unicorn @m1ss_boss , and took her white cock virginity!

 -- She first approached me asking to borrow his cock, and after sucking & deep throating it, she had his cock throbbing! Her ass was then bouncing all over it, and once he flipped her over and was pounding her pussy for everyone to watch, I almost squirted hearing her moan and call him papi.

Video#: D17


Length: 11:43

If you know me you know I’m a complete cuck when it comes to watching my husband fuck other women. There was something extra hot watching this little 4’11” Hot Wife @bitesizedhotwife take my husbands big cock in her little hands, mouth and tight pussy! 🥵 See for yourself!

Video#: D18


Length: 6:15 I did a very naughty thing last weekend, do you want to see me be a naughty slut while two guys with nice thick cocks use my holes? Cum see me be a Bad girl Daddy 😏

Video#: D19


Length: 23:18

Video#: D20


Length: 12:57

Video#: D21


Length: 9:00

Video#: D22


Length: 22:19

Video#: D23


Length: 9:48

Video#: D24


Length: 11:30

Video#: D25


Length: 7:49

Video#: D26


Length: 10:12

Video#: D27


Length: 18:02

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