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Anal Play

"Rare sightings of me having anal play,

for you to enjoy with me."

Video#: A1


Length: 10:16

"He caught me masturbating with my butt-plug in, so he decides to fuck me and give me DP between his cock and my butt-plug. After he's done making my legs shake, he slowly pulls my butt-plug out for you to see, and then finishes me off."

Tags: Fucking, Buttplug, Pussy, DP

Video#: A2


Length: 6:13

"This was my first time ever giving myself double penetration! I slowly suck on my plug getting it nice and wet before I put it in my tight ass. Then I put my vibrator in my pussy, and fuck myself. I finish myself off by riding my vibrator with my plug still in my ass."

Tags: Masturbation, Buttplug, Pussy, DP

Video#: A3


Length: 5:00

"I slowly put my plug in, and then give you all the angles of views of my ass and pussy. Then I grab my wand and start masturbating, making myself orgasm and moan. After he pulls my plug out, I play with my pussy up close to show you how much wet and creamy cum I made."

Tags: Masturbation, Buttplug, Pussy, Cum

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