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Getting Extra Wet

"Watch me lather & rub my soapy tits, and make myself EXTRA wet."

Video#: J1


Length: 9:35

"I'm pretending you are spying on me, while I take a shower. I wash my hair and my body, making sure my tits are extra soapy. I do my normal routine of shaving, and cleaning every inch of my body before acknowledging you and asking to cum together. Then I masturbate while you watch."

Video#: J2


Length: 11:04

"I wasn't feeling my best, so I took a long hot shower. I love showing you my daily shower routine, and giving you some soapy ass shakes and titty rubs during it. Once I grabbed my suction cup dildo and fucked myself with it for you to watch, I felt SOOO much better."

Video#: J3


Length: 8:02

"It was such a long day, I had to make myself a hot bath. I wish you were in this bathtub with me helping to wash my body and lather my tits. Once I am done getting all clean, I then decide to sit on the edge of the tub and finger fuck myself for you to watch."

Video#: J4


Length: 6:10

"If you ever wondered what it would be like for me to take my routine shower, this one is for you baby. I wash my face, my body and shave my legs. The best part is how well I clean my tits while pouring soapy water on them slowly before massaging them for you."

Video#: J5


Length: 4:23

"@daphnelove1974 , @snmredroom , and myself all decided to take a shower together before we got ready for the club! ... And of course, my husband took that opportunity to come watch us. He loved telling us what to do as we lathered up each others' tits and ass. He even loved when we pressed our tits and ass against the glass ;)... He's such a lucky man."


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