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Sucking Cocks

"I love sucking and deep throating cock, wanna see how good I am?"

Video#: C1


Length: 6:05

"Every girls dream is to suck 3 cocks at once right? Well I fulfilled that fantasy of mine and you get to watch. Between having a sucking circle, or laying on my back while cocks are shoved in my face, this was amazing."

Video#: C2


Length: 6:09

"I love sucking cock so much. First I had him lay on his back, enjoying the show while I licked all over the tip and suck him off, then I ended up on my knees where I deep-throated his cock as I looked into his eyes."

Video#: C3


Length: 3:17

"We had a long drive home, so I decided to give him some amazing road head. He even sneaks in a little fingering action."

Video#: C4


Length: 2:44

"Another long road trips call for some amazing road head. I'm a naughty girl."

Video#: C5


Length: 6:05

"Nothing like having 3 guys shoving their cocks in my mouth. I loved going from cock to cock in a circle deep throating, and even having 2 cocks in my mouth at once. The best part was when I was on my back having 3 cocks slapped on my face and shoved in my mouth while my pussy was played with. Do you like how I suck cock baby?"

Video#: C6


Length: 4:22

"I loved sucking my husbands, and @nc_hot_wife 's husbands cock at the same time! Watch me swirl my tongue all around their cocks switching back and forth. They are so juicy."

Video#: C7


Length: 5:34

"One thing I absolutely love is not only sucking my husband's cock... but when I get to suck another husband's cock at the same time! Watch how good I use my mouth to pleasure both of their cocks, while @bonnienclyde02 's husband fingers me hard making me orgasm!"

Video#: C8


Length: 12:04

"I love sucking and deep throating a juicy cock! Just imagine this is your cock I'm sucking. I start off by going slow and deep with my mouth, moaning about how good your cock taste in the back of my throat. I really get you worked up by how good my tongue & lips feels against your cock. Then, I give you a little show as you stroke your cock and watch me rub my clit until I cum. After I cum, I start sucking your cock again, until you are about to explode, and before you do, I pull my tits out and titty fuck your throbbing cock until you cum all over my tits. Did you like how I rubbed the cum all over my tits baby?"

Video#: C9


Length: 5:05

He tasted so good, I just had to share it with @nc_hot_wife -- We both took turns sucking his cock, and I got so turned on when I grabbed her head and had her deep throat him. Once we laid him in the bed and took advantage of him, she decided she had to have him all for herself. I love watching another wife suck my husband's cock!

Video#: C10


Length: 12:05

"Five of us sexy women have a turn at this mystery Glory Hole! -- I have never tried anything like this before, so not knowing whose cock we were sucking was beyond a turn on! So many juicy cocks in our mouths. And the best part -- they never knew which one of us was shoving their cock deep in our throat..."

Video#: C11


Length: 5:09

"We loved taking turns licking the tip and sucking all down his balls, but the best part was getting to make-out with her while my husband's cock was in our mouth! -- Her husband got so turned on watching, that he makes her squirt with a wand at the same time!"

Video#: C12


Length: 7:02


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